Chapter 43: Let the fangirling begin.


Haha, I imagined that there would be an uproar in Japan. That proves it, JAPAN HEARTS IKUTO. (Not that I didn’t assume that already!)

This chapter, was EPIC. If you’re a girl and your heart didn’t go Doki, there must be something wrong.

Credits to Futari wa Pretty Anon for scans.



Cheesy to describe but yeah. Awww she has cat ears on her hood! How convienient! Ikuto looks so hot, and he’s totally casual!

Ok I’ll stop drooling and move onto STORY.


Aww 😦 Picking up from Chapter 42, Ikuto’s just declared he’ll never see Amu again. How does Amu react of course?


“Why?” Poor Amu! I’d be heartbroken if he said that to me! (Well who wouldn’t?)

It’s crazy, the fanfiction I wrote for Futari’s contest was almost exactly like this. I’m still in shock for having won that too… the runner’s up entries were brilliant!


So the black egg’s finally been explained. I’m glad too, because there was too much ridiculous speculation. His father in a band too? Sounds just like Aruto.


Awww Amu-chan~ D: She’s heartbroken, she really is.


D: Awww~ Amu can’t express the feelings she’s feeling so they come out in a completely wrong way D: I know that feeling all too well. Ikuto looks really taken aback too.


“Koi desu!” XD Oh Eru, you are so awesome! I love that Amu is starting to realise in her own stubborn way. What a tsun tsun darling.


I’m so glad Utau’s got her own good news, thats great to hear! She’s rising up. 🙂 And…Eru and Iru are so cute in the above shot.

11Awww Amu~

I’m just going to keep going Aww about her she’s so IN LOVE with Ikuto. But she’s only in elementary school so she’s, naturally, confused. Makes her more cute as well!


Random character changes for the win! Looks like Iru’s learning from Eru! Although I think that Eru’s most random chara-naris only happened in the anime. xD

Oh I would love to see the look on Amu-chan’s fathers face if he knew that Amu was lovesick with Ikuto. And if he saw her shooting into the sky out of his window.


Stfu, Tadase’s mother. I wish you were as nice as Tadase. Aha, but at least she’s admitting the key wasn’t theirs in the first place. In her own way.


Mm-hm, Ikuto knows how to be polite, unlike some mothers.


Souko, you rock. xD Now we can confirm what was on the paper. Aww that’s so awesome! She believed in Aruto all this time. Now that is true love.


Tadase’s grandmother is such a nice woman too, but why didn’t she tell Tadase about Betty earlier? It could’ve saved grief, but I guess that can’t be helped now.

21The look on Ikuto’s face, he’s proud of his father. He wants to be just like him. *tears up* Amu understands more now, she just can’t be angry at him after seeing him like this. 🙂


Oh Utau! ❤ You’re such a stubborn little girl.

This is definitely the typical, cheesy scene. Amu just HAD to be late on the most important day. Go go Amu-chan! Chase after your love! xD


xD Oh lord, I had to laugh when I read the security guards panel. “Man, how much metal do you have on you?” Oh lord…

There’s something I have to tell you? WHAT WOULD THAT BE, EH AMU? 😀


Ikuto looks hot in the bottom panel. That is all.

25I found this moment not to be as doki-doki as I thought it would be. Maybe because it was plain random. But still! It’s Amuto, who’s complaining? Amu’s reaction is priceless as well. At least she could (probably) take him seriously now.

28And it only gets better. Oh Amu! Ikuto can see right through your excuses. But despite that –


Now THIS made my heart stop.

Ikuto you’re such a talker.

Amu, you’re one bloody lucky girl.

Realise it now.

Ikuto’s grin was so cheeky, oh how I missed it!

Peach-Pit, I’m officially satisfied. I don’t care if we don’t see Ikuto next chapter (well, maybe a little) because this line has satisfied me for the next 5 weeks.

I was half expecting Ikuto to pick Amu up, run through the security guards and straight into the horizon xDD (With the kira Disney sparkles and the what not~) That sort’ve ending would’ve made me snort though. At least Peach Pit know where to stop! xDD

0405See see, Amu just can’t stay angry at Ikuto, she understands now!


Oh Ikuto, you player.



My final aww sums that up.


Well that was officially my favourite chapter. ❤ Shugo Chara is ending next month, so everyone says, and I’ll miss it — a lot. I really hope Peach Pit do another Mahou Shoujo series. Well I’m not really sure if their other series’ are good though since I haven’t read them. ^_^ I might read DearS someday though.

About the anime, hm I don’t know what to think. I don’t want it to end, but I don’t want it to continue if it’ll just be filler after filler after filler. So yeah, I’m pretty indecisive about what to think. I guess I’ll just let my reactions spill out next month. I love Shugo Chara to bits so I don’t care what happens either way. I’m happy. Very happy, about how this has turned out.


2 Responses to Chapter 43: Let the fangirling begin.

  1. Zeffie says:

    Hey! I saw this on your MF siggy(you should know who this is by the username. Lol.)and it’s nice to know your starting a blog.

    Anyways, YES, let us fangirl on this chapter until the dawn comes! Simply, freaking adorable. I’m pretty sure this is the favorite chapter of all us Amuto shippers, though. It made this three-year long wait worth it. Completely worth it.

    “Oh Ikuto, you player.”

    Why yes, yes he is.

    Like I’ve said on MF, I’d really like the series to wrap up next month, but I will miss it. It was such a fun ride. But if it does end, I’m sad we didn’t get to see Kairi one last time…

    If you want to read more Peach-Pit series, I’d recommend Rozen Maiden and Zombie-Loan. DearS was kinda odd to me, but meh. 😛

    Now, of you’ll pardon me, I have some fangirling a corner I need to do.

    And on a final note: Tadase’s mom needs to take some chill pills. LIEK, SRSLY. xD

  2. Hei says:

    when ikto ‘broke up” with amu i was like “THAT @#$%^&*&^$!YOU DON’T DO THAT!!! but when yoru left i was
    WAY more upset about yoru than ikto at the time(i cried..)

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