Shugo Chara! Character Song Collection 2 Review

Shugo Chara Character Songs

..Yeah I can never get enough of this cover.


1. Colourful Heartbeat by Itou Kanae

2. Secret Princess by Kugimiya Rie

3. Chiisana Hoshi ~The Little Prince~ by Takagi Reiko

4. Itsuka wa Romansu by Yahagi Sayuri

5. Ookiku Naare! by Nakamura Tomoko

6. Hana Tegami by Chiba Saeko

7. Tsukiyo no Marionetto by Nakamura Yuuichi

8. Taiyou ga Niau yo by Mizuki Nana

9. Secret Princess (Amu Ver.) by Itou Kanae

I believe Hana Tegumi pretty much owned the rest of the tracks, in beauty and range. I loved it to pieces.

Well anyway.

The first track is Colourful Heartbeat by Itou Kanae. I love Kanae’s voice. It’s so perfect when Amu’s acting tsundere. I love her – “Shut up!”‘s. She’s perfect for Amu, and is amazing as a first time seiyuu.

Lovely, erm juicy track for Amu? It’s rather fitting I think. Ah, I love her voice. ❤

Next track, Kugimiya Rie with Secret Princess. I love this track so much, after all it did come from one of the most memorable fillers in Doki! I’ve heard things about Kugimiya Rie being a bad singer, but I really disagree. She has a lovely voice.

Tadase’s track was, erm, fitting, yet so feminine. I’m sorry but there’s no other way to describe the beginning. But, I got used to it about a minute in, so it’s all good.

I loved the world domination laughter insert too, after the chorus of “King!”. Yeah, from this point onwards I really enjoyed the track! Takagi Reiko did a good job with the Tadase’s range.

Rima’s track is so cute, and so adorable! It’s perfect for her, I can’t say anything more than that. I loved the bell inserts.

Yaya’s track, was very Yaya. There were some points where her voice went to a funny, very Yaya like range. I won’t say it’s annoying though, because thats a bit unfair. Now lets move on.

Nagi’s track. Fucking beautiful! (If you’d pardon the language). The first part, I get shivers, it’s so elegant, and a perfect representation of Nadeshiko. Aw, I want Nadeshiko back!

The transition from Nadeshiko to Nagihiko was great too! I loved how the track turned much more upbeat and more, Nagihiko. But still full of Japanese influence. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Heh, the moment most fans have been waiting for. Nakamura Yuuchi singing Ikuto’s character song <3. It’s a lovely track, I loved the violin. I think Yuuichi is heading up my favourite Japanese singer chart, I really need to grab some of his other work! People say that the range he used wasn’t “Ikuto” but I beg to differ, because it’s darn hard to sing Ikuto’s range and I for one, knew that he would sing in a range like this. But this is coming from a female, so if you’d like to argue with that notion, feel free to speak up. Anyway, the track was incredibly “Ikuto”. Anyone have any idea what he said at the end? I can only catch the word “Hikari” which means light. Yes, I am a failure as an anime fan. xD Edit: He says: The moonlight will guide me to the world of freedom. EPIC IKUTO! You rule!

Utau’s track. What do you expect? It’s fricken Mizuki Nana, she’s amazing. Yeah, it’s the track from episode 93 (which was one of the more hilarious fillers), and it’s really grown on me since then. I think I prefer it over my all time favourite “Heartful Song”. ❤ It’s much more catchy.

Secret Princess by Amu. Ooh I’m not sure which I prefer, Rie’s or Kanae’s. They’re both incredibly cute! (I’m wavering towards Kanae’s though, Secret Princess just suits Amu so much). Secret Princessu~

I love this soundtrack so much. I’m wagering that my itunes will register at least another 20 listens by the end of next week, especially with Nagi’s track, and Secret Princess. Lurve it! ❤


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  1. Zeffie says:

    Yay! Thank you for posting this. I was arguing with myself whether I should actually buy the album or not. And I think you might have just sealed it for me. So many of my favorite seiyuu are in this show, and I’m tempted… but thanks! I’m really looking forward to it!

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