Shugo Chara! Doki!!: Speculation about Episode 96: What are the chances of the Amuto hug?


^ This one right here.

Considering the time we have left, which is about 6 episodes give or take, I’d say high. Satellite love twisting the manga plot and there’s no wayyy we can get the tower scene now, (even though the setting is perfect for a last battle imo). Lets put it this way, if they pull off the hug in an amazing anime original Amuto, doki doki, un-kira kira, moment, I will forever forgive Satellite for their countless plotholes and facepalm moments we’ve had over the past season.

Last episode was not that bad, I just, don’t want to blog it. Rima owned the episode though. Satellite can do somethings right, like giving us more insight into Rima’s kidnapping, and the trauma she went through. Poor thing! =(

Anyway, lets hope Satellite do a good job. The fangirls’ sanity depends on it.

Well then I’ll be leaving you with the most omfg line in the preview:


*sigh* I’m surprised they found him without looking for him. But oh well, if I start insulting Satellite again, I’ll probably jinx them. -.-


4 Responses to Shugo Chara! Doki!!: Speculation about Episode 96: What are the chances of the Amuto hug?

  1. Zeffie says:

    You want my honest opinion? I really don’t think it’s going to happen. Knowing Satelight, they’ll want to milk this franchise all they can. And what’s a good way of milking? By giving both main medias different endings, of course!

    The hug may or may not happen. If something like this arises, usually I can tell correctly which way it’ll go… but not today. Odd.

    • StarlightHorizon says:

      Yes at the end of the day Satellite are milking machines. They want to get as much out of Shugo Chara as they can, of course.

      Yeah as you say, Satellite could go a completely different direction from the manga, (despite bringing Taiyaki kiddy in…).

      But Satellite can do things right (as much as I love to insult them~) when they…try. For example as I said above, we got more insight into Rima that we didn’t get in the manga. But to balance it out they gave Tsukasa an underground lair (*sigh* this’ll never get explained, like everything else Tsukasa related).

      Yes, it may or may not happen. It’s hard to predict. But I’m getting my hopes up because I’m just a fangirl like that! Hopefully I won’t get shot down, so fingers crossed!

      • Zeffie says:

        Well, yes, we can always hope. And don’t think I don’t want to see the hug animated. I’m just worried… Maybe I’m just being pessimistic because I’ve been trolled by KyoAni so much this year of 2009. But that’s a different story.

        I’d like the hug, being the rabid fangirl I am, but am just unsure at the moment. You were right about Rima, though. And…. Tsukasa’s underground layer. (What is he, Batman?)

      • StarlightHorizon says:

        Yes, Kyo-Ani are fail trollers xD I understand your pessimism and I don’t blame you for doubting Satellite for that reason alone. xD
        And yeah, Tsukasa is officially a Batman wannabe now. You just….don’t build an underground lair under a school. Tsukasa or not. And no, I did not have dirty thoughts about the purpose of that underground lair. <.<

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