Shugo Chara! Doki!!: Episode 96: My prediction was off by a mile.


*sigh* Satellite need to pick up the pace, I’m really starting to doubt that we’ll get the recent Amuto chapters animated, at least, in this season. Facepalms all round Satellite, this episode was part filler.

At least they brought Betty in, but they could’ve done that episodes ago. I thought they were going to skip Tadase’s story, and explain it after they save Ikuto or something.

There is a bright side to all of this though, CHIBI TSUN TSUN UTAU!~

I don’t have time to do a full summary and thoughts now because I’m going out soon, so this part will be updated shortly.

Oh yeah and Zeffie, you were totally right to be pessimistic. -_-;;

Edit: I’ll get right to it then. (Shopping with my dad was the most thrilling experience ever -_-)


The episode starts with a typical Director talking to idiot scientist scene, with the Director saying that Ikuto will concentrate on playing the violin and collecting many x-eggs. Which means they completely brainwashed him.

Amu and her little sister Ami walking in town, “shopping.” Naturally, Ami is happily chating “shopping” with the charas. Amu and Ami spot a clown playing an accordion surrounded by kids, and among the kids Amu spots Taiyaki kiddy. (And I STILL don’t know why Satellite chose him to be blond, but whatever).

Ami tries to ask for his name, no reply, and Ami asks if he’s in elementary school, and he shakes his head. (You’d think they’d find the fact that he’s not in school troubling, but hey). Ami starts dancing with some random kids to the accordion, and Taiyaki kiddy is confused about what all the fuss is about. Amu explains that they’re having fun.

Amu and Ami are walking in the park, Amu thinks back about how weird the kid is. Ran then spots a poster with Ikuto in glasses promoting a new artist gathering. The poster states Ikuto as a new artist called “DL”. (I’ve been thinking about this name, DL could stand for Death Level, as Level and Rebel have very similiar sounds in Japanese. But anyway..).

Amu shows the poster to the Guardians. Yaya says she’s seen the poster before. (Damnit girl, it’s so obvious it’s Ikuto, why didn’t you say anything?) They conclude it’s a trap to lure them in, but decide to go anyway.

At the location of the performance, they decide to split up and gather information. The Director is informed of their arrival and everything is “as planned”.

Yaya and Rima are told “DL” have unusually tight security.

Nagi fails to try and gather information with the excuse that he’s working for his school newspaper and wants an interview with DL.

Tadase and Amu encounter the idiot scientists, thinking they’re staff. (Naturally they have no suspicions that the scientists are the ones keeping Ikuto hostage), and they walk off after failing to get information from the them.

Girl scientist appears, obviously feeling guilty about Ikuto’s state of mind (IT’S TOO DAMN LATE TO BE FEELING LIKE THAT). And a flashback of Ikuto with his glasses and green suit is shown. (I must be the only female who finds Ikuto in glasses and a green suit totally not hot).

Amu and co decide to sneak backstage. Yaya, Rima and Nagi create a distraction, claiming they’re a elementary song and dance troupe. Nagi is noticed by one of the guys they’re talking to and Yaya quickly gets in the way of Nagi, and Rima claims they also do comedy (her tone of voice when she said that really made me laugh). Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly..) Amu and Tadase get in backstage.

Two of Easters goons are guarding a door, which they assume to be Ikuto’s room. The charas create a distraction, and (the best part of this episode BY FAR) Suu pours pepper over the guards (saying sorry all the way through!) while the others tie a rope round them.

Amu and Tadase enter Ikuto’s room, to see Ikuto with a dead look in his eyes and gives them a blank look. Yoru attempts to drag him out but Ikuto only says that unauthorized personnel are forbidden in his room. Tadase confronts Ikuto, asking if he’s really forgotten about everything, Yoru, Amu-chan and even him (check out that “even” Tadase, so he really has been important to you despite everything. Right?) And Tadase yet again asks what happened “back then” and why he stole his key and vanished. No answer. The guards come back, seize Amu and Tadase and drags them out, with Amu helplessly shouting “Ikuto!”

Later, they decide that it’s important now that they make sure everyones Heart’s Egg is ok. There’s also a shot of Taiyaki kid, whos standing in a crowd of people happily running and talking.

Another artist is playing. The Director spots Taiyaki kiddy in the crowd, and wonders “Why is he here?” and thinks that it might actually be convienient. (How so? ._.)

DL enters the stage, and starts to play. Hearts eggs are extracted and turned to X’s, and Taiyaki kiddy watches, in wonder. (It’s pretty obvious from this that he hasn’t got a Hearts Egg).

Charanari time.

Ikuto flies off, and Amu and Tadase decide to follow him while Rima, Nagi and Yaya tackle the remaining X-eggs in the stadium.

Yoru again attempts to bring him back to his senses and Ikuto attacks Yoru. Tadase defends him, also yelling at Ikuto, asking if he’s lost even his heart. Yoru says he hasn’t, as if he had Yoru would’ve disappeared. Yoru yells that he’s getting his Ikuto back no matter what. (I have to admit, I loved the BG music that set this scene. It’s a lot more scene setting than OST’s of some other animes I’m watching. Brotherhood, lol).

The Director tells Ikuto to stop his attack, and he stops. Tadase and Amu are thrown back, and the Dumpty Key, shining, swings on Ikutos neck.

Ikuto walks away, with Tadase yelling at Ikuto to talk to him about what happened that day, if he still has a heart, and calling him “Ikuto-nii-san”. Tadase looks broken, and Amu says she believes he’ll turn to normal one day. (Well he isn’t going to get anywhere if you don’t make a move, filler Amu).

They Platinum Heart the eggs and the Embryo appears. (This next bit was so pathetic I laughed out loud -.-). The scientists initiate the “Embryo catcher” but Amu intercepts it with her Heart Rod. Oh what a shame!

Shot is shown of Taiyaki kid staring off into the distance, where the Embryo was.

Amu finally asks Tadase what happened between him and Ikuto. Tadase says he’ll tell her.

Final scene is of the Director talking to Gozen about all the pieces being in place, and the “last plan”. Shots are shown of shelves of very pretty rocks. And a suspiciously large chair for it’s holder. (Ohoho that wasn’t a spoiler, right?)


VLC Player, being the pain in the neck it can be, is being irritating at the moment so I’m posting screenshots up from Expect epic, dvd quality. (Not).


Do they ever clean his sheets? I know it’s not something I should be worrying about now but since I’m seeing the same scenes over and over I’m starting to notice small things. -.-


Ami, happy as usual. (Well when isn’t she?)


He NEEDS to have brown hair! I’m still going to insist that.


I love Amu’s t-shirt, I remember seeing it in a previous episode too.


Don’t people get worried at the “dead” look in “DL”‘s eyes when they look at this poster? Surely there are people who must be concerned?


Yes, Nagi you’re completely right. What if one of Ikuto’s friends saw the poster? Or one of his teachers?

Sorry I’m just digging at any plothole I can find here! xD


Aww it’s always nice to see Yoru expressing his love for Ikuto.


Poor Nagi, having to talk to the hard nosed Easter goons on his own. He should’ve been with Rima! Rima would’ve knocked them out.


He KINDA looks like Kairi doesn’t he? In any case, I refuse to say he looks good with a green suit and glasses.


Dude, you suck. Too late for guilt now.


Rimas look on her face + her tone of voice while saying that made me laugh. So dry.


I think Tadase should Character change and demand that the Easter goons fall to his feet. They’d listen. Perhaps.


Oh Suu! You moe blob! So innocent.


I can’t stand the dead look in his eyes!! Give me Seven Seas and with a smile and princess carrying now! D=


Ikuto D=



Scream his name all you want, he won’t come back to his senses.

I get the feeling that this episode is more Tadase orientated. Why didn’t he talk on the preview instead of Amu, he might as well have, considering the fact that all Amu did in this episode was shout out Ikuto’s name. Hmm, maybe thats a tad too critical though.


How so Director? That made absolutely no sense. (Edit: To clarify, he shouldn’t know about “you know what”, (which only manga readers can understand)).


Why doesn’t anyone NOTICE how radioactive that violin is? Or maybe only people with charas can see how purple it is?


It’s not shown on this cap but their eggs were extracted. (Although it is pretty obvious from the looks in their eyes).


I guess Amu’s run out of original things to say to him.


Amu and Tadase are the ones to confront Ikuto.


*sigh* D=


Like I said in the summary, I thought that the BG music was pretty neat.


Amu looks on, worried. (Apologies for terrible quality).



The Dumpty Key.


A shot of Betty.


Death Rebel walks away.


Rejected. -.-


I pretty much felt sorry for him at this point, even though he’s been hammering down questions on Ikuto since he saw him earlier. :/ Isn’t it obvious Ikuto isn’t in a position to answer, and isn’t it obvious he’s not himself?


Then please do something so that he can Amu! D=


This bit was, erm rather pathetic. I mean c’mon, I’d rather them not have this scene and just see it fly away for the billionth time (xD) but oh well, it’s all for good comedy. (Unintentional, probably).

*insert Heart Rod deflecting Net screencap I failed to take here* xD


Oh, they’re really disappointed.


Finally Amu, you ask the question.


Those are very pretty rocks indeed.



Ah, shots of Ikuto when he was little. I guess it’ll have to do.


Pfft, Tadase’s mom, I don’t even want to see your head in the preview. You don’t deserve the spotlight.



One thing to look forward to next week.

Well regarding next weeks episode..I don’t see why they made the whole flashback into a full episode. Why aren’t Satellite picking up the pace? I’m really suspicious. It’s going to be an incredibly tight squeeze, unless they really are planning on an anime original ending, or a movie sequel. I don’t want either, for god sake.

Judging from the next few episodes:

“Tadase and Ikuto! The Horoscope of Fate!” (97)

“Revival! The Shining Dancing Princess!” (98)

“Our Feelings as One! Guardian’s Fight!” (99)

I’m guessing they’re still going to keep “Queen’s Waltz” (thank god, as I’m a Rimahiko fan as well as an Amuto~).

Episode 99 looks like all the Guardians are going to fight. Does that mean the Tower scene? How’re they going to manage that with the limited time?

*Sigh* Whatever Satellite, do what you want. Looks like we might be getting another season, or a movie.

My words will never reach the ears of Satellite, but where’s the fun in keeping quiet?

Anyway, thus concludes my surprisingly negative post. I need a break now. xD


3 Responses to Shugo Chara! Doki!!: Episode 96: My prediction was off by a mile.

  1. Zeffie says:

    Ack, I was? Wow, the one time I really don’t want to be right, I am. Ironic.

    Wait, there’s more Chibi Tsun Tsun Uatu?! I guess this is the punishment I get for dropping the anime… ^^; Guess I won’t see her. D=

    All I really heard about this episode was all the Ikuto fangirls talking about how he looks great in glasses. -laugh- I’ll be sure to post again once you get the full summary up.

  2. Zeffie says:

    -reads post-

    Well, there’s a bit of plot… just a tad.

    And I spelled Utau’s name wrong in the last post. D=

    Anyways, there’s really only one thing i have to say about this episode.


  3. hi mate, excellent site Happy Holiday.

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