FMA Brotherhood Episode 20: Digging up the past.


I want more EdXWin scenes. :<


Picking up from last week, Hohenheim and Ed are in front of Trishas grave. Ed is angry at Hohenheim, and Hohenheim says that he’s running away, as he burned his house down. Ed is irritated by his words.

Hohenheim stays overnight at Pinako’s, who comments about how he hasn’t changed at all. Literally.

Ed overhears them talking about Trisha not being the one Ed and Al transmuted.

In Central Ling, Winry and Al discuss Al’s body and immortality and his body being a “timebomb”. Winry storms out of the room after Ling pushes it too far.

Hohenheim leaves, and Ed decides to dig up what Al and him transmuted. Only to find male bones, which means that they didn’t transmute their mother..

Troubled by the find, he rings up Izumi Curtis and inquires about her transmuting her child. She refuses to answer his questions and hangs up.

Ed returns to Central, finding Al’s body in a bad condition. He throws Ling and Ran Fan out of the room. (xD)

Ed then tells Al that he dug up what they transumuted and Al’s shocked by this. He concludes that what they transmuted wasn’t their mother and he has a reason to be confident that he can return Al to his body.

Al remembers that he saw himself through the gate. Ed and Al conclude that all they have to do is drag Al’s body out of the gate as Ed did with Al’s soul.

Izumi rings back, and they both confirm that they didn’t kill their loved ones twice.

Ed and Al walk off, determined, while Winry attempts to chase them, but falters, thinking about how broad Ed’s back looks. (Finally, a decent EdXWin moment..).



Hohenheim, telling Ed about his true intentions.




Oh Ling, I swear you being voiced by Miyano Mamoru is one of the only reasons I watch this show. ❤


Poor Winry. But all she does is worry about Ed and Al, but then again you can’t blame her.


The truth’s one scaryy kid.


I didn’t think the skull looked human at all but Pinako’s the expert so whatever.


“Happy Meat..?”


I’ve always loved the scenery of Risembool, and this series’ animation brings it out nicely.


I can’t get enough of Al’s bandage though. Ed’s reaction, priceless as usual.


Ahaha. I want Ran Fan to get more screentime though, dangit.


You can’t fight the feelings Ed! I really want more EdXWin moments..


Nothing much to say here… Al discussing his body.


Ed and Al’s revelation.


EdXWin moment, for the win!



Oh I forgot about this scene, but i suppose the shift doesn’t have much of an impact. No Fullmetal Alchemist next week (or should I say..this week?) though. (Just what am I going to watch apart from Doki? I guess I could make an extra long post about Doki. If the episode is good~)


LingXRan Fan action? FINALLY.

Overall nice episode. Although I had my doubts about the OST choice during the AlXWinry talk, but lets not go there. Oh and ignore the fact that this post is late, please~


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  1. anna says:

    ed is so beautifull! but where we can watch fma brotherhood in english or in italian? on youtube?

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