Shugo Chara! Doki!! Episode 97: Flashback time.




The episode starts with little Tadase playing with Betty, and he overhears his father angrily talking to himself, about Ikuto’s fathers disappearance. The Dumpty Key is in his hands. He hears Tadase outside, beckons him and gives him the key, telling him to treasure it. Tadases narration expresses how he didn’t understand much, but he understood that the happy times would never return.

(Cue new music for Episode title. Wow Satellite, get in there! (sarcasm, can you tell?)

Tadase’s at the Royal Garden talking about Ikuto and Utau. He explains how his family took them in while their parents were away. (Dang, they were cute kids. Even Tadase~) Yaya is surprised they lived together, and a photo is shown and the charas make comments about Ikuto being cute/cool.


Sorry I’ll continue~


Ok I swear I’ll continue.

A scene is shown of Tadase’s mum trying to be nice to Ikuto, but only getting cold shouldered. She notices his violin.

Tsukasa asks Tadase’s mother if she’s uneasy about them living with them, and she’s unsure.

Tadases narration explains how everyday was fun with his new “siblings”, and a scene is shown with Utau, Tadase and Ikuto playing hide and seek. (Ohoho Utau, you were so clingy to Ikuto even back then, so cute~! And chibi Ikuto in a treeee~ xD)

The next scene is of Ikuto playing his violin to Utau and Tadase, with their faces shining. Ikuto’s face has a gentle look on it while he’s playing. (Man, he was one skilled kid~)

Utau and Tadase are looking guiltily at a broken vase. Tadase’s mother appears and Ikuto claims he did it, trying to take the blame. Tadase and Utau run up to him, and tell him not to lie. Tadase’s mother stands there, unsure, and Tadase’s grandmother appears. She takes a look at the vase and suggests that everyone should clean it up together.

Tadase’s grandmother explains how all things with form will break, and it’s important to take care of things. She also says it’s important for one to have a caring heart.

Tadase explains how his mother increasingly started to avoid Ikuto after that.

Tadase’s mother is talking to Tadase’s grandmother about the rumour about the cursed violin and the black cat of misfortune. Tadase’s grandmother shoots down these accusations, and tells her to believe in him. (What a nice woman, unlike another..) Tadase expresses how he loves his “onii-tan”. (Aww~) Ikuto is shown listening into their conversation.

Tadase wakes up, and sees Ikuto walking away with his violin. Tadase runs after him, trips over, and calling out “onii-tan”, as Ikuto runs into the distance.

Tadase explains back in the present, how shortly after their mother took Utau away and remarried to Easters director. He expresses how he believed in him until the day two years ago.

Ikuto is shown holding his violin with Betty dead. Tadase is there, shocked.

(Awww the break screen is so cute~)

Tadase runs up to Betty, and demands Ikuto to say something. Ikuto stands there silently, and Tadase sees the Dumpty Key in his hand.

Tadase hears a scream and sees his grandmother collapsed in the hallway, with Tadase’s mother shaking her. They all drive off in an ambulance with Ikuto walking away, still silent. Tadase’s mother is convinced he’s a black cat of misfortune.

Tadase expresses that he still doesn’t know if Ikuto did anything to Betty, and he says how keeping silent is no different from running away.

Amu thinks back to the things Ikuto did, and realises that Ikuto’s heart is more hurt than anyone elses, as he tried to make people hate him. She says how he must be worse off than any of them, and starts crying. (Amu~ D=)

Yaya breaks the mood by saying how she must be the one whos in tears, because she’s the baby character. (Wow, is that a new OST track? o_o Reminds me of Standing in the Way of Control by the Gossip…YES thats random). She says that Amu’s the main character and has to overcome the sad stuff. And decides everyone should go save Ikuto, so everyone can have their happy ending. (YES!!)

It’s all well and good they decided that, but they wonder where to start. They decide to go to Tsukasa. Tadase reveals a hidden room in his office, much to the rest of the Guardian’s surprise.

They walk through the passageway, marvelled. Nagihiko comments about how he’s surprised at Yaya’s speech earlier, and how she turned everyone’s feelings around. Yaya’s surprised by his comment.

Nagihiko takes his Temari egg out of his pocket, and says how he’s got a good feeling about this.

They reach Tsukasa and he’s convieniently got enough tea laid out for everyone including charas. (That guy is a complete mystery~)

Tadase says how he wants to save Ikuto and ask for the truth, and Tsukasa reveals how he was the one who hid Ikuto. Tadase’s liek wtfomg. (Lol) and asks why he didn’t tell him. Tsukasa explains Ikuto was in a predicament with Easter, and doesn’t answer Tadase’s questions, saying he has to find the key to his story on his own. Tsukasa explains that he’s arranged for someone that can help to meet them, and gives Amu the “Lost Egg” picture book.The Guardians run off, with Tsukasa thinking about the torn page.

Last scene shows the beautiful display of rocks, with an empty chair and the Director holding a rock, thinking that he can’t let the Embryo slip away again, and thinking it won’t be long, “Hikaru”.


High quality VLC snaps? Hell yeah~


It’s the Dumpty Key


Tad-as-e~ So cute.




..Utan. xDD Mizuki Nana, you make an amazing younger Utau voice~


Younger Ikuto’s so cool~


How can you bash Tadase Tadase haters? He needs some love!


Kya. Ikuto’s so cool and Utau’s eyes make me laugh.


I want an avatar of this image of Utau. Now!

vlcsnap-114308Ah I see. Ikuto’s always lurved climbing trees. Hehe.


Omg~ Utau you’re so cute!


I want this as my avatar too! Oh boy~


Lawl, Utau’s the reason he tries hard at hide and seek<3


He’s happiest when he plays his violin.


*Sigh* I’d say I want to take them home but…thats an overused phrase now.


D: Poor Ikuto, he’s so misunderstood yet so cool and cute.

vlcsnap-116380Poor Utau, as well. She had no idea Ikuto would leave her.


I had tears in my eyes at this moment. I have to admit.


Ikuto don’t go!


How dare VLC Player take a pixelated shot of Ikuto. Outrageous.


The Dumpty Key, in Ikuto’s hands.


Grr, superstitious fool.


Yes Amu, you think about Ikuto and the reasons for what he does. Welcome back manga Amu! It’s been a while.


I really teared up here. Serious. This is her first step to realising how important Ikuto is to her.


lol Yaya.


Lets go save Ikuto!


Temari! Can’t wait to see Nadeshiko again next week.. I ‘ve been craving for her since the character songs~


The scenes were win in the manga, and were win here.


Evil! See I still hate the guy.



Tower? I guess so. Satellite had better be able to pull it off. Without rushing, of course. Still, even though I said it wouldn’t be a good idea, I’m a bit glad they’re being faithful to the manga’s last battle scene.


Yes that pretty much looks like a tower.


Thats right Amu, look panicked.




Looking forward to this!

HELL YES. FINALLY. Although after seeing the episode title for 98 it was pretty obvious Temari and Queen’s Waltz was coming but hey! I’m so happy now. Oh and this episode was win, more win than I thought it would be. Maybe because I had low expectations, but whatever. Amuto fluff ain’t far away now~ ❤ I hope Doki gets extended another another few episodes, simply because I don’t want these scenes to be rushed. Seriously, it needs to be epic. More epic than the Dia arc. Satellite, you’d better do this right. (Although after this weeks episode, I think you’ve gained my trust again. A bit. But that ain’t hard to do to be honest, what with my crazy fangirl side that has to squeal over Utau, Tadase and Ikuto~). Anyway, I can’t wait for the next few episodes! To sum up, great episode, and nicely done!


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  1. nagitetsu says:

    temary yey¡¡ i cant wait

  2. luvanime says:

    she pisses me of amu-chan

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