Pandora Hearts Episode 21: Alyss is one badass. One BEAUTIFUL badass.


Beautiful, I’m glad the animation didn’t drop this episode. Though the OST track placements were a bit odd, but hey, I love the OST so I’m not complaining..


Oz, Alice, Gil and Break are off to an opera house to meet Rufus Barma. Reim meets them at the entrance of the opera house, and takes them inside.

Alice asks Oz why he wants to visit Rufus, and Oz explains that he wants to know the truth, about the Tragedy and all things related to it. They reach Rufus’ room and a clown bounces out from the ceiling, claiming to be Rufus. Oz’s reaction is dull he claims, as Oz isn’t surprised about Rufus. Rufus can tell that Oz has a habit of accepting things the way they are, and Oz is surprised at Rufus knowing this about him. Rufus claims that there’s nothing he doesn’t know.

Rufus refuses to answer Oz’s questions, asking him if he’d be better off if he did know the answers. Oz says that he wants to protect the people around him, and he wants to do something for himself.

Rufus goes insane (literally) and starts bouncing and rebounding on the walls. Alice and Oz chase after him and Rufus corners Alice, asking her if she really does want to get her memories back, for she could’ve forgotten them on purpose and for a reason, and if she remembers her memories she could wish to be dead. He continues to bug her, calling her a poor thing.

Alice kicks Rufus, saying that she’ll continue to try and seek herself so she can continue being herself, and she’ll mow down anyone in her way. Oz compliments Alice saying she’s amazing, but Alice points out that Oz is the same way, he’s moving forward as well.

Oz agrees and says they’re both comrades, and calls Alice a “friend”. From a distance, Gil and Break watch on, and Break asks if Gil is scared of Oz moving forward and leaving him behind. Break then leaves Gil, with a stunned expression on his face.

Break confronts Rufus and claims that the one Rufus is after is not Oz, but him, and claims that Rufus has been investigating his past. Break then destroys the illusion in front of them, making everything disintergrate. The real Rufus reveals himself.

Break starts to cough up blood, and Oz tries to run to his side. Rufus blocks the way. Rufus moves closer to Break, wanting proof he’s the real “Kevin Regnald”. Reim tries to block Break but Rufus hits him on the side of the head. (*Sigh* Why does Reim always get the worst end of the stick?) Rufus claims that it’s Break’s “second time” and uses his fan to slice open Break’s top, which reveals a full illegal contractor clock.

Break collapses and Rufus claims that he’s Kevin Regnald, the illegal contractor that took the lives of one hundred and sixteen people to his Chain and even though he sacrificied this many, he was still cast into Abyss. Rufus claims he doesn’t want to arrest Break, he just wants information.

A flashback begins. Break is on a floor of a room in Abyss. Cheshire is inspecting Break, and Break thrusts his sword towards him to keep him away. Alyss appears, and asks for Breaks name. Breaks chain “Albus” appears, saying it’s longed to see her, the Will of the Abyss. Alyss thanks Albus for bringing him to her, and finds out that his name is “Kevin”, and that he served in a huge mansion. She also bluntly mentions how they all died in his absense, and that even though they’re all precious to him, they all died. Break attempts to attack Alyss in his anger, but Alyss continues, saying thats why he came here, to get them back. She also mentions how Break is special, and how he “killed all those people.”

Albus attacks Break, saying how he will not permit anyone to hurt the Will of the Abyss. Alyss is irritated by Albus interrupting her and destroys him. Alyss starts to dance with Cheshire.

Break wonders what sort of nightmare this is, and says he came here to revive his master, to turn back time.

The dolls start speaking to him, claiming he’ll turn into a Chain, Break is in disbelief. Alyss confirms this and claims that the Abyss turns the unconcious to the concious and controls time itself.

She continues on saying that Glen said all of this, and that she hates Glen, for “taking him away from her”, and Gilbert and Vincent, anyone who gets close to him.

Alyss rips Breaks left eye out of its socket, claiming it’s for Cheshire. Break falls to the ground, and thinks he’s going to die right there. Determined, though, he slices somemore of Alyss’s dolls in front of Alyss face. Suddenly a rumbling sound interrupts them, as the Tragedy of Sabrie is occuring above. Alyss falls to the ground and starts to suffer due to the amount of people flowing into Abyss. A young Vincent then appears with a young Gil over his shoulder claiming that he just did as he was told, and opened the gate, then everyone fell into Abyss.



Aww, Alice really does look lovely though.


Mmm serious Break.


Break makes people walk into walls.


Oh yeah~ Badass Alice.


Ahaha scared Gil is always win. Though he’s not scared, I think but rather…bewildered.


Oz ain’t scared of nuthin’, cept Lotti rape!


Badass Alice part 2! Gawd I love her.


Such a similiar face to the one Alyss makes later on.


Poor Gil, getting left behind, in more ways than one.


I love this face, even though it’s very un-Break.


Would the real Rufus Barma please stand up? Hah.


I found this rather amusing. Break’s the only one who can handle the art of using candy as a weapon.


Poor Reim! He always gets the worst part of the stick. (or the fan in this case)




I love the facial expressions in this episode, the animation was really great.


*Clearly unfazed by Oz’s attempt at a glare*


I lurved the little dance and the way she shook her hair.


To be honest, I never really liked Cheshire, no offense to Cheshire fans.


Poor Break. D:


Poor Break, again.


What miserable lives those dolls had~


I’m surprised he can still move, I remember when Fai from Tsubasa had his eye “eaten”, he was unconcious and couldn’t move for hours~ But hey, different universe, and Break is strong, I guess.


Cliffhanger! Ohoho~





Hey hey Jack, you’re playing Lacie right? RIGHT?


Twisted grin indeed.


Badly screencapped, but it’s Alyss…

I loved this episode, I think it’s one of my favourites. Episode 15 is a huge favourite for me though, not sure if this tops it~ But still. Amazing. I especially was impressed with Break’s seiyuu, he did a great job portraying Break’s pain and anguish in Abyss.

As I mentioned above there were some weird OST placements, but I’ll overlook it.

And I caught up with the manga, it’s amazing. Undecided about blogging the latest chapter. Depends on my mood in the next few days I guess.

Side Note Regarding Blog: I’ve reached 1400+ views, which I think is incredible =0 Or is that normal? I’m not sure, but thanks to my readers, if they exist out there~ I welcome any constructive critisism about my blog and the like, so please don’t hestitate to comment your thoughts. Thanks again!


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