Shugo Chara! Doki!! Episode 98 + New Anime Season News


Temari has never looked so gorgeous~ Or perhaps I’ve just missed her a lot.


It’s revealed that Nikaidou is the one thats going to give the Guardians a lift. Nikaidou is a bit ticked off by it, but Yaya and Rima give him a rather scary look making him unable to refuse. Amu smiles and thanks him.

They reach their destination, and Nagihiko mentions how it looks like it’s been used recently, and Nikaidou mentions that the power’s still on. Nikaidou hacks into the scientists’ computer and mentions how they look to be planning something diabolical. Radio waves are shown on the computer screen.

Nikaidou predicts that Easter wants to use Ikuto again over a radio broadcast, Amu looks depressed, saying that he’ll have to perform again. Nikaidou continues on saying that the power will be weaker, but the broadcast will be heard over a larger area.

The charas cheer Yoru up, and Nagi is reminded of Temari, and says her name out loud. Rima hears and looks at Nagi with questions in her eyes. (Rimahiko!)

Nikaidou suggests that the Guardians phone up their parents, as it’s getting late. Amu hesitates, and remembers the scene when her mother wished she hadn’t kept secrets from them. Amu debates about this, and thinks that she can’t tell them, but she’d be lying again.

Amu rings her mother up, and explains she’s doing work for the Guardians with Nikaidou. A touching scene follows, where her mother says that she trusts Amu, and tells her to be careful.

The Guardians and Nikaidou reach FM Inter, one of Easters radio stations, and Nikaidou asks if they do live broadcasts. They don’t.

Suddenly Saeki Nobuko appears. Yaya suggests they ask her, as she helped them previously. Nobuko claims that they’re looking for someone important to them and offers help.

Nagihiko shows Saeki Yoru, and Saeki utters the words “white tower, violin, and somewhere with a lot of open space, maybe an amusement park.

They notice an advertisement for “Dream Egg Land.” (Satellite, always full on with names eh?) Which is opening soon. It’s an amusement park opened by Easter.

Saeki mentions how they’re holding an opening concert to celebrate the grand opening. A violin concert, in fact. The Guardians decide to get moving, and Saeki mentions that they should hurry.

They’re back in the car. Tadase mentions how the broadcast is to begin at 7 o clock, and Nikaidou turns the radio on to FM Inter.

The scientists do a countdown after confirming that all is ready. The radio broadcast begins as Ikuto plays his violin. Hundreds of X-Eggs begin to congregate around the FM tower, as the Guardians watch on.

Ikuto falters, and the Director forces him to continue, raising the intensity of the fork. The scientists show concern. (Mild I’d say).

Nikaidou and the Guardians reach the tower, and the Guardians rush off, leaving Nikaidou. Nikaidou attempts to chase after them but a gate shuts them in, and Nikaidou out.

Rima falls behind, and Nagihiko runs back to help her, as Amu Tadase and Yaya go on. Nagihiko holds out his hand to Rima but Rima calls him a liar, for she overheard the conversation he had with Saeki about him being a girl last time. Nagihiko, calm, shows Rima his Temari egg asking if she’d keep it a secret from the others for a while.

Tadase, Yaya and Amu are surrounded by X-eggs. Rima and Nagihiko in their character transformations attack the X-eggs, insisting the others go on. Amu thinks how good it is to believe in everyone, (manga Amu, I love you~) and she won’t hold back anymore because of the belief.

The X-eggs have increased power due to Ikuto’s violin. Nagihiko hears the words of the children who’ve been X’d and it reminds him of his own experiences, how people thought that he could be much more refined and graceful if he was actually a woman.

Rima gets annoyed at the X-eggs and yells at them, saying that it makes everyone unique, strengths and weaknesses, and what you can and can’t do. She yells that whether it’s comedy, sports, etc, you should just do your best to refine your techniques and skills.

Nagihiko smiles to himself, and tells Rima that he’ll get the X-eggs attention while Rima attacks. Nagihiko concludes that he’s been running away from the fact that he can’t dance like a girl, and concludes that there’s no reason to act like one. He continues on, saying how he’s sure the dance that he, boy raised as a girl, created is out there. Temari hatches.

Temari smiles and Nagihiko, concluding that he’s found what he’s been looking for. Nagihiko apologises for taking so long, and character transforms to Yamato Maihime, with Rima looking on, thinking “amazing.”



You know you love to help these kids out Nikaidou.


His crush on Sanjo never had a purpose until now…really. Apart from perhaps episode 38.


You’d think he’d encrypt a longer password, but hey, this is the Shugo Chara world, everythings simple, easy, and darn cute.


Aaaw. Is it just me or is Amu starting to look more and more like manga Amu? Not that thats a bad thing, thats a very good thing.



Rimahiko~ They are just SO cute together.



I loved this scene, it was so touching. Amu!<3


Amu is so cute. Period.


Tsukasa and his strange pastimes..


One creepy tower.


More Rimahiko!


Can’t fool Rima, Nagihiko.


Nagihiko is awesomely cool.


Haha, Rima’s reaction was great~


And this is when we think. Aaw. The girl’s matured.


Nagihiko is the perfect guy and girl. Hardly anyone can pull both genders off like him.


Rimaaa~ You should sub in as Amu more.


Lovely sparkly Temari egg hatching. Not usually a fan of kira kira but I have to admit I thought it was very pretty.



He’s so beautiful!




Queen’s Waltz<3


Aaw, Amu.

Ah I loved the Rimahiko in this episode. However I do wish that that Queens Waltz was in this episode as well. And the Saeki jokes were just not funny. Well, for me. But the tower scene is very close so I’ll forgive them~

I am glad that there were some references to the past fillers, which made the fillers have…some sort of purpose. But on the down side to that it did use up precious air time.

Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Dokki

I swear to God, it’s going to be a pain in the neck writing all those exclaimation marks.

Anyway, I don’t know what to think about this news. Well, my instincts say, DO NOT WANT. If this new series is another 51 episodes, I’ll probably tear my hair out. And I seriously hope that Satellite begin to learn the art of DECENT FILLERS, as well.

I’ll give the first few episodes a go. If I don’t like, I don’t watch, and I don’t complain. Although the last statement is subject to change. I love to complain about Satellite..

Regarding Pucchi Pucchi, it sounds cute. May give it a go, as they’re short snippets. Really it’s the anime I’m concerned about.

The whole live action business, I’m not that bothered about really. I believe they’re going to be short snippets as well, and as long as it doesn’t consist of girls trying to be all cute and failing miserably I’ll watch, I guess.

If my sources are incorrect, please correct me, my mind is quite tired at the moment to comprehend the amount of Shugo Chara news..despite the fact I found out about this the other day~ It still hasn’t really sunk in.

As I did in a forum, I apologise for anyone who’s fanatic about the new season and has had their expectations crushed by reading my blog post. Tough luck girls~ Being a fangirl also means you should know when a series needs to stop.


2 Responses to Shugo Chara! Doki!! Episode 98 + New Anime Season News

  1. Sakura Ukito says:

    lolz “He’s so beautiful” I couldn’t stop laughing, in fact I’m still laughing XP

  2. Cayte says:

    Do you know when they are in the car, and they have their little “Snack Time”? Could you get a shot of Rima opening and eating the… I think it is Eggplant (strange) Pocky please? I cant find one anywhere… I believe it is at like… 3:38. Thank you so much if you could ^^

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