Shugo Chara! Chapter 44: Poor Amu.


So Shugo Chara! is having a new arc~ Fair enough. I don’t complain about the lack of Ikuto, unlike others. I’m hoping this new arc will be amazing, and I have high hopes. Y’see I’m looking on the brightside now, as much as I’d like Shugo Chara! to come to an end before it gets too long winded. Anyway, onto the chapter.

Credits go to Futari for the scans.


Aaw. Graduation day, Amu-chan’s growing up!


This makes me wish I bought a high school yearbook, but whatever. My high school days were not nearly as eventful as their elementary school days anyway.


She’s onto you Nagi!

Still can’t believe Nagihiko hasn’t told Amu about himself, the only plus side to that is that Rima and Nagi have a little secret to share, Rimahiko is win.<3


Mmm even though I’m an Amuto fan, I’m sorta glad that Amu isn’t all hooked up on missing Ikuto. Sure, all us Amuto fans know that Amu loves Ikuto (<3) but yeah, thats not all there is to Shugo Chara. I’m glad she’s focusing on other things she’s accomplished. (Apart from falling in love with Ikuto. HA!)


I wonder what the new Guardians will be like? They’d better be interesting characters. Then again, we already have a cast of amazing characters. Maybe they’ll be backdrop characters as the focus won’t be on the Guardians anymore now. All speculation.


Wow this kid existed? Heh, of course I remember him.I love how clueless Amu is though.




*Sigh* I don’t mind Tadamu moments either. Why are Amuto fans complaining about the possibility of a Tadamu moment? Dang it, it’s obvious that Amuto is set in stone, whats wrong with the odd AmuXTadase moment once in a while. Sorry, I won’t turn this into a rant.


I’m pretty sure Kairi’s gotten taller too. Kairi~ So good to see you again. Now for Kukai in middle school?!


The disappearance of Ran Miki and Suu.


Hmm, are we getting closer to finding out about Dia’s true purpose? Poor Amu.


Aaw Amu! Everything is leaving her.


I had tears in my eyes when I saw this scene. Heartbreaking, truly.


I still don’t think I fully understand Dia. Meh, never really felt a great liking to her. (Perhaps because of the random appearances Satellite made Dia have in the anime?)


Good chapter, I guess, the beginning of a whole new story. I wonder what Peach-Pit have in store for us.

Side Note: PH 22 and Shugo Chara! 99 will be up tomorrow, I’m tired, and I need a rest. Blogging shouldn’t be a strenuous chore, to be honest. With me starting A Levels this year, which are qualifications that require a lot of study, my blogging will most probably be limited. Apologises, but I’ll try my best. Oh and I’m dropping FMA Brotherhood.


2 Responses to Shugo Chara! Chapter 44: Poor Amu.

  1. LottaLove says:

    personally,i don’t like Dia.She suddenly appears and change everything.I loved Nadeshiko and Kuukai.When they leave,Amu-chan felt bad,and Dia worsen the sittuation.I prefer her look at X-form,but she is cute =)

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