Pandora Hearts Episode 22: The twisted personality of Alyss.


Ah, a lovely picture of Alyss for the preview. Even when she’s going insane she’s still incredibly beautiful..


Episode starts with Alice happily saying Jacks name. Vincent interrupts her thoughts and throws Cheshire’s dead body in front of her, which causes Alice to scream.

Back to the present, Break is on the floor, and wakes up to a worried Oz. Break gets up, and remembers he went to “that fool of a dukes” place. Duke Barma is behind him as he says this and is irritated by his words.

Reim shows his concern for Break and tells him not to use his powers so recklessly.

Duke Barma urges Break to continue where he left off, but Oz is uncertain whether it would be good for Break to continue. Break rejects Oz’s concern, calling him a little boy, and saying he knows he wants to hear about it. He also urges Barma to tell him what he knows as well, and Barma replies that he will. Barma asks what Break saw in the deepest part of the Abyss.

Break replies he saw “the Will of the Abyss”, the footsteps of death, and Vincent and Gil as children.

The scene switches to Vincent and Alyss’ confrontation. Vincent collapses, saying that Alice should’ve died that day, and he knew she did. Alyss yells at Vincent, asking why he’s here, and Cheshire hits Vincent, saying he never did anything wrong.

Alyss starts repeating that she hates Vincent, and starts crying, asking why Vincent is always mean to her. The dolls start saying to her not to cry, and encourage her to take Break’s other eye.

Alyss turns to Break, asking who he is. Suddenly her clock chimes, and her personality shifts. She becomes a happy girl, announcing it’s time for her tea party. She also mentions how Jack promised to take her to his house and pick flowers with her. Vincent starts laughing, saying that he’s sure Jack’s dead, as he saw him fighting with Glen, Alice looks distraught, and refuses to believe it. Vincent screams at her, saying that Jack definitely won’t come, and accuses Alice of everything, saying that it’s all her fault all of this happened because Jack tried to protect her. He continues on, saying she’s the one that killed Jack.

The dimension starts to crumble as Alice screams “You’re lying” to Vincent. Vincent stands up, saying to let everything crumble, as if everything turned strange it would make him normal.

Vincent and Gil fall into depths of black as Break remembers the reason for being there. He yells out Alyss, asking her to change the past for him, and saying that he’ll give anything to do it. He yells out Alyss’ name three times, and Alyss turns round to look at him.

Back in the present, Gil is dumbfounded that he was there with Vincent one hundred years ago, and Oz wonders why the Will cared so much about Jack.

Barma explains how the memoirs of Jack Bezarius explains how Jack met a girl called Alice confined by Glen Baskerville in a tower.

Flashback to Jack meeting Alice. Alice tells Jack that she doesn’t know why she’s locked up but she’s sure everyone hates her. Jack smiles at Alice, and tells her she can come play at his house. Alice refuses this, saying Glen would never allow it. Jack just grins saying that they won’t get caught. He continues on saying that the Bezarius rose garden is very beautiful, and saying he wants to show Alice many things.

Jack narrates, saying that to him, Alice was just a small and powerless child. However he started to notice small things, like the attitude of her cat towards her at times, the colours she wore, the books she read. And what bothered him the most, was the atmosphere around her, the gentle atmosphere of an innocent child would occasionally change.

Jack asks Alice who she is, as at that moment she is not the Alice Jack knows. Alice steps back and gives Jack a wicked grin, saying that she isn’t the Alice Jack knows so well, and says that she is still Alice nonetheless. She continues on saying that her soul and Alice’s are connected by a deep bond, in the Abyss, and they might as well be the same person.

Jack narrates saying that those two were raised in the womb and born in Abyss, saying they’re twins.

Back to the present, Break asks Barma if there was anything else in his memoirs, and Barma replies saying only feelings of regret.

Barma continues saying the feelings were nonsense, and says to Oz that under the influence of Jack, Oz claimed that Glen Baskervilles objective was to obtain the Will of the Abyss. He grabs Alice’s arm saying that she interests him greatly, with her connection to the Will and her true identity. He says that Pandora would be very interested in studying her. He says the same to Break, claiming that the name “Kevin Regnard” still hasn’t been forgotten and if he was found he’d be sentenced to death. He lets go of Alice and moves closer to Break. Oz stands in his way, saying that Barma pisses him off more than Break.

He continues on saying that he knows that Pandora will be in an uproar if they hear about this, and that Barma can make information go to his favour, but says that he can do so as well, using Jacks name against him. Barma accuses him of being a filthy brat for using the name of a hero, and Oz accepts this, saying he’s clever but childish, with no power. He continues on saying that he’ll use any means necessary to protect them. Barma attempts to hit Oz but Break and Gil brandish their weapons before he has the chance. Barma gives them a furious look, saying they will definitely come to regret this.

Later on, Oz is in a state, saying his head can’t keep up with the grand words.

Alice suggests they eat as they can’t think on an empty stomach. Oz and Gil laugh and agree.

Oz speaks to Break, saying thanks for telling them. Break refuses his thanks, but Oz says it must’ve been hard for him to tell them. Break continues on saying that he’s an illegal contractor, but Oz says that he’s the one who said that they’re using each other, and asks what it’s got to do with the past.

Alice suddenly jumps up and says that it means they’re comrades. She laughs at Break for not knowing and explains it means they’re friends. Gil and Oz grab Break, (crossing out Oz out of the equation = happy GilXBreak fangirl). Break finishes by saying this sort of relationship annoys him.

In the carriage on the way home, Break continues saying that his real name was indeed Kevin Regnard, and he served the Sinclair family as a knight from a very young age. Oz mentions that the Sinclair family were murdered by a rival aristocracy. Break responds to this saying that this is true and untrue.

He continues on saying that while he and the Sinclair’s daughter was away his lord and all people dear to him was slain by a traitor. Break calls himself stupid for thinking such things as “Why wasn’t he by his masters side?” and “Why didn’t he pay more attention?” He continues on saying that thats when the devil whispered in his ear, asking if he wanted to change the past.

Oz replies to this saying that the past cannot be changed, but Break continues on saying that he did rewrite the past. The Will listened to his wish.

Break explains that he was engulfed in darkness and found himself in a world more than thirty years after his own. Break’s master survived, but the whole Sinclair family was wiped out, including the daughter by an opposing family.

Break covers his face in regret saying that he killed her. Oz protests saying that he couldn’t have known about it.

Break agrees and continues on saying that it wasn’t something the likes of him should’ve messed with. He says that he blamed the Will, but in reality it was his selfishness. He continues on saying that he insisted that it was for his masters sake but the truth was he was only thinking of himself.

Oz confronts Break, saying that tossing his feelings from back then away is also similiar to running away. He states that he thinks Break is a lot weaker than he thought he was, but says that he thinks that Break is a lot stronger than he himself thinks he is.

Break turns to Oz, saying he’s putting a lot of pressure on him. He continues on, saying that people gain strength through others, and what you should focus on isn’t using the “it’s for somebody else excuse”, that way you’ll always be on the path chosen by yourself.



Aaw, I can’t hate him though, even after these next few scenes. (Never really felt any attatchment to Cheshire, maybe thats why).


Aaaw Alice~


Fangirls, this is the closest you’ll get to seeing Break topless. Enjoy it while you can.


Another shot thrown in.


Yeah Vincent!


Crying Alyss was downright scary and strange though.




I’d make this face if I was there too. I really can’t hate anyone in this series, I swear!


Noo~ Jack’s not dead! Alice refuses to believe it as well.


Aah I feel sorry for Vincent. Driven mad by his experiences. Although I don’t know why he has to be so twisted, and an Echo raper when he grows up..


One crumbling dimension, coming right up eh?


Aw poor Alice, being locked up for an unknown (to her) reason.


Jack ily and you are awesome. The only thing I don’t like about you is your taste in pants. / Not a fan of white skinny pants.


I’m glad they kept this facial expression in, I love it.




Damn you Barma, Alice doesn’t like to be manhandled!


Shot of Break for the hell of it.


I LOVE this scene so much.


lol Reim. He’s the only one who’s aware of how dangerous it is to mess this much with a Duke.


Found this scene dang hawt lawl.


Hehe Alice being just plain adorable here.


Another awesome shot of Gil! For the love of it!


Alice, you’re so darn cute.


I don’t think that sweatdrop existed in the manga…


Lets cross Oz out and make this a GilXBreak moment.

Heh. Ignore me~


You know you lurve it Break~

Sorry, this is what happens when my inner fangirl decides to interfere.


Denial Break! Denial!


Ahaha I don’t know why but I love this facial expression of his.



Ah, not much to say here. Just, damn, I feel sorry for Break. Yeah, unoriginal.


Fail comedy! But I’m glad they kept it in.


A nice shot of Alice. In fact I don’t think she’s seen snow before.



Filler. I guess. Meh, still iffy about it, I’d have prefered them leave it on a cliff hanger rather than an anime original ending. But whatever.


Echo, does this mean we’ll be getting a bit of the manga plot?


I see Ada with Oz, so I guess not?


Hmm I can’t be certain.


Can’t make sense of this scene either.

Amazing episode. I loved it, ‘cept they cut one of my favourite lines from Gil to Break, but I guess things have to be sacrificied. I can’t believe Pandora Hearts ends in three weeks time!


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